Rules and regulations


  • Players must be male, financial POTC members, out of condition and heavily mortgaged.
  • Players must be allowed out on Wednesday nights.
  • Players of any tennis standard will be eligible for selection.
  • Players must bring sufficient funds to purchase essential refreshment and
    raffle tickets.

What’s New This Season?

  • This season, we are switching to a 10 team competition to provide more court time and less chatting between sets.
  • Please turn up early, 6.15 for prompt start at 6.30 pm and enjoy playing more tennis.
  • Courts will be allocated each night so come early, prepare the court and have a hit up.
  • This compulsory mid evening break will be from 9.00-9.20pm and all play is suspended temporarily.
  • The essential announcements, fundraising raffle winner and the odd joke will be presented then.


  • Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players per night, as selected by the captain.
  • Each player limited to 2 sets/night for his own team but may fill in for other teams.
  • All players should turn up each night as emergencies are often needed for other teams.
  • Any smart alec attempts to abuse the system will result in arbitrary and severe points penalties.
  • Spare non rostered players will be able to have a social hit on a nearby court if needed.

Discipline / Code of Behaviour

  • Disputes on line calls, scores, etc., will definitely be ignored.
  • Boorish, pushy, arrogant and downright unpleasant players will be denied access to cold refreshments.
  • Players performing above their normal skill level will be handicapped out of the finals.
  • Players performing below their usual skill level will be publicly humiliated.

Social Etiquette

  • Competitors will join in for snags and refreshments.
  • Failure to support social activities is a serious offence and will be punished with a consequent permanent slur on one’s reputation in the Park Orchards Community.
  • Competitors who fail to enjoy themselves each night will be severely disciplined.
  • Competitors seen using mobile phones between sets will be brought before the disciplinary committee.

Play and Scoring

  • Teams play 6 x 8 game sets, each player to have minimum of 2 serves per set.
  • Playing order: 1 & 2’s, 3 & 4’s, 5 & 6’s, 1 & 3’s, 2 & 5’s, 4 & 6’s.
  • One point is allocated for each game won; maximum score per night is thus
    48 points.
  • Scores to be entered on master sheet by either captain.
  • In the event of a washout, all teams score zero points for the night.
  • Play commences at 6.30 pm. SHARP! Lights must be out by 11.00pm.

Captain’s Duty

Roster team players each night, arrange for emergencies if needed before starting sets.
When on duty:

  • Make sure team sells fundraising tickets, manage refreshment booth and BBQ.
  • Players should contact their captains prior to the night if unable to play.

Team Clubhouse Duty

Raffles, club house duty is the responsibility of the team on the top line of the draw . BBQ area & kitchen need to be cleaned, empty bottles/cans to rubbish bin, vacuum floor.


The legendary last night gala Grand Final night dinner is fully catered and not to be missed.

A priceless perpetual trophy will be presented to the winning team and the “Golden Racquet” will be presented to the individual considered to have most contributed to the success of the season.