Existing Members:

You should receive membership renewals direct from our new on-line membership system – look for an email from “Park Orchards TC”.

If you have not received your membership details in an email from us (“Park Orchards TC”), we do not have your current contact details. Please contact Tim Shepherd.

If you know your Tennis Victoria ID you can update your details and renew you membership by clicking on the “Become a Member” button above.

New Members:

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Fees for Season 2019 (Jan 1 – Dec 31) :

Membership renewal invoices will be sent out by email in December each year. All membership renewals are due by end of January each year.

Non-financial members are not permitted to play competition tennis, are not covered in case of injury, and cannot use the Club facilities.

Access to courts and clubhouse will be automatically revoked.

Membership Contacts:

Treasurer: Tim Shepherd 0407 837 664
Record Secretary: Tony Gibson 0407 833 886
Club Secretary: Mark Hughes 0403 212 273

Injured playing tennis? – we’ve got you covered

Step 1

Get the medical treatment you need

Step 2

Please let someone on the tennis committee know of the injury

Step 3

All claims must be notified to the insurer, Sportscover, within 30 days of the accident or injury occurring. Download a claim form.  Our Policy # is SUA/006049.

Step 4

Complete all relevant sections of the claim form and copies of original receipts of any medical expenses that have been incurred relating to the accident or injury.

Step 5

Submit the claim form and additional information (receipts) to or fax to +613 8562 9111 or post to:
Sportscover Claims Department
Locked Bag 6003
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150

                  Contact the Insurer on 1300 134 956
 Step 6

Your claims advisor will confirm receipt of your claim.

It’s that easy.

There is more detail on the accident cover here.

Below is the background on why we recently changed our insurance cover from Tennis Victoria.

Dear Members,

On behalf of the Park Orchards Tennis Club Committee, I wish to communicate to you some important amendments to the current Insurance Policy arrangements pertaining to all Members.

By way of some background to these changes, POTC has been affiliated with Tennis Victoria since its formation and as a consequence, the Insurance for Members, including Public Liability, have been covered in the affiliation fees paid by each member every year. Over the period, the costs of this affiliation and the inherent Insurance cover have continued to increase, yet we have seen no real improvement in the value of either the Insurance cover, or the service that Tennis Victoria provide to the Club. The Club is only required to remain affiliated with Tennis Victoria in order to maintain a Pennant Team in  competition and as we do not have a current need for that level of team participation, we are free to canvass any alternatives currently available in the market.

Clearly the prudent financial management of the Club is one of our main priorities that requires us to consider all alternatives available when allocating our Budget each year. We are very proud of our track record to date in managing our financial position and wish to continue our good governance in this area. The fees paid for Insurance through Tennis Victoria are the largest expense item to the Club and consequently have been under review for the past few years. As a consequence of our recent due diligence review in regard to the Clubs Insurances, the Committee have decided to de-affiliate from Tennis Victoria and outsource our Insurance to a private Company. Interestingly, over recent times, approximately 20 other Eastern Tennis Region Clubs have also de-affiliated for the same reasons.

As a result of our decision, the Club has managed to secure an enhanced and fundamentally more comprehensive Member cover, at a discount to our present Insurance expense. We have also managed to include Ambulance cover in the event one is required in an emergency. This was not previously covered via the Tennis Victoria Policy.

There is no need for Club Members to do anything other than be aware of the changes. In order to keep you fully appraised, we have attached a Brochure outlining the level and depth of our revised cover. It also advises on how to make a claim in the event that you suffer any injury while playing tennis, either in competition for the club, or socially at the Club. Note that cover is also provided during travel to and from tennis. We shall also place details of the cover and the Claim process on our Website for ease of reference.

We hope that no Members will ever have the need to make any future claims, but please be assured that we have excellent cover in the event it is required. I would like to express our appreciation and thank Club Secretary, Mark Hughes for all his efforts in conducting the review.

Andrew James – President