Members Insurance

Injured playing tennis? – we’ve got you covered

Step 1

get the medical treatment you need

Step 2

Please let someone on the tennis committee know of the injury

Step 3

All claims must be notified to the insurer, Sportscover, within 30 days of the accident or injury occurring. Download a claim form.  Our Policy # is SUA/006049.

Step 4

Complete all relevant sections of the claim form and copies of original receipts of any medical expenses that have been incurred relating to the accident or injury.

Step 5

Submit the claim form and additional information (receipts) to or fax to +613 8562 9111 or post to:
Sportscover Claims Department
Locked Bag 6003
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
Contact the Insurer on 1300 134 956

 Step 6

Your claims advisor will confirm receipt of your claim.

It’s that easy.

There is more detail on the accident cover here.

Below is the background on why we recently changed our insurance cover from Tennis Victoria.

The Park Orchards Tennis Club is covered by a group policy that Tennis Victoria has in place for affiliated clubs (which we have reinstated after several changes came into place).
The group policy provides cover for the club, committee and most importantly for our members.  For more information on the club’s insurance cover click here.
Personal Accident Cover for our members:
If you are injured playing tennis and you’re a financial member, you are covered via the Group Personal Accident policy – details are available at this link.
Making a claim:
To make a claim please: